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What happens if one day a Danish man decides to take his bike and cycle around the world? Starting in Denmark and heading east, direction Asia. Well, it could happen that he stops in the next café, has a nice strong coffee and asks himself “Why leave?” Taking a deep sip, leaning back in the cushions and biting with relish in the freshly baked cinnamon roll from the bakery next door.

The other thing that could happen might be a longer story. A story that could end in him opening up a business somewhere far, far away from home – on his way, coming with nothing but a two-wheeled steed underneath himself and a backpack on his back – and staying.

This is the story of Bo, the founder, owner and CEO of NovaSolo.

Established in 1996 by Bo Lauritzen and business partner Dahlia Nova in the city of Solo (Surakarta) in Central Java, hence the name NovaSolo, our name and brand has since come to mean so much more: Nova, from the Latin word novum, stands for the new, for innovation, whereas solo signifies standing alone. Exclusivity.

This is why we claim to be a pioneer in the industry of consumer goods aiming to deliver consistent quality in product and service that grants extra value for our customers and sets us apart from our competitors.